Not All Comments Are Posted 2

Hi readers,
I have been receiving some very disturbing comments. The people who write them appear to be religious fanatics with no respect for people whose opinions differ from theirs. If you have been reading my blog you know that I respect people of all faiths or no faith at all. Admittedly, I do not like that a great number of Christians feel that it is their right to try and convert others to their religion. If they do so openly and honestly by asking if they can witness to you about their faith; you know what you are being told.
At that point you can choose to listen or you can nicely say that you are not interested and walk away.

Here is what I have a problem with; the Gigantic Lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish. Please readers believe me when I tell you that his is not a matter of opinion, it is fact. If you believe in Christ you are by definition, a Christian. If you are Jewish, you do not believe in Christ. We believe in one God, not in a son of God, not in what we believe is a false messiah.

If you are going to write vitriolic comments and try to convince me with radical viewpoints from some crazy cult-like branch of religion that has very little to do with mainstream Christianity; don’t waste your time. Your garbage will not be approved and will never appear on my blog!

So dear readers, this is the last you will hear about these people. From now on, all I will do is hit the trash button and be done with them. For the rest of you, keep reading and commenting with respect. Many thanks.


Not all comments are posted.

To all the Evangelical Christians who start, run or belong to a messianic “Jewish” group and the former Jews who now practice Christianity under the guise of these groups; please take heed.

I received a comment from someone who was identified as, “Gods anointed hands.” You will not see it posted on this website.
After a long comment filled with blatant inaccuracies, the commenter ended with,

“Sadly, most Jewish People have come to equate Jesus with the actions of those who claim to be His followers. As we share Yeshua with our friends, some of whom may be Jewish, it is absolutely vital that we understand their perspective so we can deal sensitively with this issue. Shalom!”

If ever there was a glaring example of why so many Jews are disgusted with people like the writer, this is it. How about you do not share Jesus with us or as you love to say, Yeshua? What if you took a good long look at why Christians feel it is so necessary to prove to themselves that their religion is better than every other religion out there. Could it be that they really are not sure that their faith is strong enough to sustain Christianity unless they get others to believe in it too? It would behoove some of the people reading this blog to try and understand Judaism better instead of working so hard to destroy it. Judaism (the faith from which Christianity sprang) still follows the same laws that were given to us at Mt. Sinai. We have remained strong through thousands of years because of these laws and the belief in one God. We wait for Moshiach (the Messiah) who will be a man of peace. We know that Jesus was not our messiah. We do not try to prove that we are the true religion by telling people they can come to a building that looks like a church but all the prayers would negate the belief in Jesus which is what you do to Jews through the lies of messianic “Judaism.” Don’t try and understand how we perceive Jesus so that you can deal sensitively with us. Worship any way you choose and leave everyone else free to do the same.

Heard On A Plane

This post is mostly for my Christian readers and I would love to know what you think about it.

It has been a long time since I have written in my blog. When my mother O’H (of blessed memory)  became ill and eventually passed away I let a number of things fall by the wayside. For some time I have wanted to get back to informing people about what is going on with messianic “Judaism” and related groups but somehow haven’t felt up to it. Something  happened on our way back from Hawaii that has brought me back to my blog.

My husband, friends and I had just finished a wonderful twelve day vacation visiting four beautiful islands. I was looking forward to getting home (although not to doing all the laundry) and had just settled into my seat for the long flight from Honolulu to Dallas where we had a stopover on the way home. Suddenly I heard this rather loud piercing woman’s voice behind me, talking to the woman in the seat next to her. Normally I would have ignored her but my finely tuned ear picked up the words of a fanatical evangelical. I will just call her fan from here on.

The poor woman who was sitting next to her. At first the fan gave a long speech on how she had devoted her life to missionary work. Little by little she talked about how she had given up her career and only worked p/t when she could to support her missionary work. About ten minutes later I heard her say that she never asked anyone for money but that she was amazed at how perfect strangers, after hearing her story, just offered her money. This begged the question, was she a true missionary or a con artist. She certainly was strongarming the poor woman who was stuck next to her for nine hours.

I tried to sleep and just as I was drifting off I heard the words that always make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,” ….and of course I have to spread the word to those who will not hear it, especially the Jews and the other lost children of G-d. Was I surprised, of course not. Evangelicals who need to validate their own belief by trying to get everyone to feel the same is an old story. At this point, the victim in the seat next to her said that she was going to try to sleep and thankfully it was quiet. Several hours later I woke to the sound of the fan continuing with her litany. She went on about her fiancee, how they met, how he was moving to Charlotte to be with her and would have to find work although if they could get enough donations he really wanted to join her in missionary work. The poor victim was skillfully led into asking just the right questions that would suck her further in.

One of the things that the fan said several times over was that she always traveled alone and relied on meeting kind people with G-d’s help. She clearly stated that she was coming back from missionary work in Hawaii where she was able to survive by the kindness of strangers giving her money for her mission work. Heck if missionizing brings you to cool places like Hawaii on someone else’s dime, I can’t see why more people don’t do it. Wait a minute! Isn’t that begging?

Okay, I could not resist making sure that this fan knew we were Jewish and said a few things to my husband and friends to assure that she did. Well we finally landed in Dallas and stopped at Starbucks to see what they had to eat (not much). Fan and a friend (not the older lady victim) were also there. We moved to the food court to get breakfast and two minutes later they were there as well. I nodded hello, they nodded back. Once we got on the flight to Charlotte, I never saw fan again. She was definitely not a messianic and I doubt she was a missionary. Were she, fan would have been all over us once she knew we were Jewish or at the very least asking if she could pray for our souls.

Now let’s see if you think fan was a con artist or not. Remember that she said she was traveling alone yet the woman who was with her in the terminal was obviously a friend, not a new acquiaintance. My opinion is that this woman was the worst kind of scam artist, using people’s religious belief to con them out of money. That is why I said this column is for my Christian readers. I may hate the fact that Christians have no respect for any other religions and would happily love us all into being just like them. So egotistical! However, no one deserves to be scammed like that so be aware that even among your own missionaries, there may be scam artists.

I will be going back to my usual exposure of and education about those groups that try and convert Jews through lies and deceit. Have to do some catch-up on my research, so much has been happening, none of it good.

What Pesach means to messianic “Jews”

Pesach has many levels of meaning and each Jew finds a level of comfort in which to celebrate this wonderful holiday of freedom from tyranny. What you will not find in any Jewish Hagaddah or Seder is any mention of Jesus. Yet, as seen below in a quote from a “Haggadah” put out by, , we see that Jesus or as they “euphemise”, Yehoshua, is an integral part of the Hagaddah.

“Leader: When He walked the Earth, our Messiah did not neglect this command. His ‘ Last Supper’ with the Disciples was a Passover Seder (Luke 22:14-15), much like the one we celebrate tonight. Passover is a Feast of the L-rd (Lev. 23:1-2, 5). During that time Y’shua revealed a deeper meaning to the feast, beyond a simple recognition of G-d’s deliverance of His people from bondage in Egypt. It is no coincidence that the Passover became the setting for the crucifixion; the plan of G-d was laid from the foundation of the world. The disciples were well aware of the story of Passover, having celebrated it each year all their lives. But on that particular night, they came to understand that their friend and teacher was the Messiah, that He was soon to leave them, and would return in power to redeem His people in a way they could not yet imagine.”

Here’s another example, from :

(Lifting the container with three matzot) 

These three matzot are wrapped together for Passover.  There are various explanations for this ceremony.  The rabbis call these three a “Unity”.   Some consider it a unity of the patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Others explain it as a unity of worship – the priests, the Levites, and the people of Israel.  We who know Messiah can also see in this the unique tri-unity of Yahweh – the Father, Yeshua – the Son, and Ruach Ha Kodesh – the Holy Spirit.  Three in one. 

What Chutzpah!! Do Jews go around saying that the Christian holiday of Easter has Jewish roots because Jesus was Jewish? Do we say that the three matzot represent the Trinity? (And don’t you love the Hebrew translation of the “Holy Spirit”?) No! We have no need to pretend that we are Christians the way that messianic “Jews” pretend they are Jewish.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that the majority of messianic “Jews” are born Christians, not Jews that have become Christians. These evangelic Christians do not believe that Pesach is their holiday. They just use it as window dressing to lure Jews into their web of lies. A Haggadah with Jesus giving “deeper meaning” to Pesach?  Ridiculous. We all need to wake up and see  these evangelical Christians for the phonies they are and educate everyone we know to their tactics.  It’s not just that they want to convert us for their own needs, they take what is the basis of our faith and the beauty of our traditions and make a mockery of them.  A Christian Pesach? If that angers you then do something about it. Not sure what to do, contact me. Chag Sameach. 

The Power of emails

This morning my husband asked me to check out the veracity of an email he had received. It was about anti-semitism in France and was very familiar to me. Not only had I received it from two sources since the horrendous murders of innocent Jews in France, but I remember receiving it several years ago.

After some easy “googling”, I discovered that this email contained some partial truths. It was being sent around again due to the murders in France, ostensibly to bring more outrage and more feelings of animosity towards the Muslim fanatics. Hey, I’m no lover of killers of Jews or any other form of genocide but let’s stick to the truth. With that in mind I forwarded a link to those whose email addresses were on the email my husband received. To my surprise, I found three people who I definitely knew were messianic “Jews”.  One of them was, Sam Nadler, leader of, Hope of Israel, a pretend Jewish congregation not far from my home.

What a dilemma! Should I erase their names from my email? After all, my name was as familiar to them as theirs was to me! Did I want to have any contact with them that would seem to be socially accepting them as Jews? (I have stated before that a person who is born Jewish but now practices the tenets of Christianity, even if it is covered with Jewish paraphanalia, is a Christian.The door is always open for their return.) This email was obviously intended for members of the Jewish community as I knew several of the people to whom it was sent. So what should I do?

I decided to include their names. After all, they needed to know that the information they received was partially incorrect. Had people who were born Christian been on the list I would have included their names without hesitation. Being who am, I needed to do something to show these messianics that I was aware of their inclusion so I added a link to this website. If they are reading this now, I hope they will continue on and read my other posts.

It should be remembered that the reason the email my husband, I and countless others received was sent, was a reaction to the senseless violence perpetuated by hate and intolerance. Although most of my efforts these days go towards educating Jews about the growing danger of evangelical Christian supported messianic “Jewish” groups, there are other battles out there as well. Emails are a powerful force and I have seen them used in both positive and negative ways to influence people. One email sent to one person’s group of friends can reach thousands, if not millions of people in a matter of days. I have often wondered if I should write a sensationalized email about the battle evangelical Christians are waging against Jews. I could make it sound so frightening that it would surely be forwarded over and over. Why don’t I? My goal is not to scare people into hating another religion. It is to educate Jews to the methods used by these groups and prevent them from being lured by the cult-like methods they use. Hatred is never a good thing. Learning the truth always is.

May we all live to see a day when war and violence has come to an end and Christian evangelicals cease their campaign to convert Jews through the lie and deceit of messianic “Judaism.”

Messianic “Jews” or Apathetic Jews; Which is Worse?

This past Shabbos, a Rabbi gave a semon on Messianic “Jews” and a video that I (and possibly others) sent him. This video (  showed a phony Rabbi named Ralph Messer, wrapping Eddie Long (a suspected pedophile who paid off the boys that accused him of molestation) in a Torah that was supposedly from the Holocaust. I sincerely hope that this was another of the many lies that Messer spewed. The video is disgusting enough without that added horror.

The Rabbi talked about how we need to educate our youth and our seniors as to the tactics of Messianic Jews. It was an impassioned speech that, even though it did not have all the facts right, made an impact on the congregation.  There was only one major problem. This same Rabbi, along with several others and Jewish community leaders, shot down my request to either form an alliance with Jews for Judaism, or have our own clearing house for information about this growing problem. Education is the key, I cannot say this too often. Yet these Jewish clergy and community leaders felt that the miniscule amount of information given to our children and the total lack of education to adults and seniors, was  enough.  

Did this horrendous video change the Rabbi’s mind or was he just using it to fuel a stirring sermon? I don’t know but I will take advantage of it to challange this Rabbi and others to stand behind their words and do more than sermonize. The apathy of the Jewish community here in, the buckle of the bible belt, is inexcusable.  When John Hagee had one of his, United With Israel rallies here, some of the Jewish community leaders actually embraced him. An employee of Federation gave a speech and this same Rabbi gave an invocation at the rally.  Forearmed with documented facts I gave them about Hagee’s involvement in converting Jews (see my earlier blog on Hagee ) these Jewish leaders ignored the truth and fawned over this phony preacher.

APATHY!   Is it worse than the lies and deceit  the evangelical Christians use to convert Jews? You’ll have to make that decision yourself. I know how ashamed I am of people that tell me it’s not important to teach about messianics because if a Jew is stupid enough to fall for that garbage then who needs them. Even worse is the Jew that tells me the money for Israel raised by these preachers is more important than the few Jews we lose to them. It’s not just a few Jews and there are more in danger every day. If you are a Jew reading this, think of what you can do in your community to teach your fellow Jews about this rapidly growing threat and then do it!

First Fruits of Zion: Part Two

In November I wrote about First Fruits of Zion but it merits a second posting. FFOZ (First Fruits of Zion) is an educational resource for the growing number of independent groups of Torah Observant Christians and messianic “Jewish” groups. Their website seems to imply that they want to bring Christians back to the teachings and life style of the Jewish Jesus, living as they believe he did. If you dig a bit deeper, you will come up with statements such as this one from their website under the title, Preparing For Harvest.

 “First Fruits of Zion longs for the salvation of all Israel. We desire to see the Jewish people reunited with Yeshua, and for this reason we are engaged in a type of evangelism outreach. … We are taking the long road of preparing for a great harvest of Jewish believers by working to create an authentic, intergenerational, and biblical Messianic Judaism for them to enter.”  When they say salvation they mean conversion as they don’t believe you can be saved unless you accept Jesus as your savior. I don’t know about you but I don’t like being referred to as a crop being prepared for harvest.

Below are some other statements I have culled from the FFOZ website. In order to better help you understand their intent, I have added comments in blue lettering.

From First Fruits of Zion website (2009?)

Thus the call to the Kingdom is a call to the Torah of Yeshua. Discipleship is a call to imitation and obedience. We are called to be disciples of Yeshua, and as such it is our job to imitate him, obey him and raise up more disciples for him. ( By imitating the way they think Jesus practiced Judaism: tallis, kippah, torah study, they can bring in more Jews and make disciples of them.) The Sabbath, the Festivals, the calendar, the dietary laws and all the laws of Torah are components of imitation and obedience in that regard.

                        FIRST FRUITS OF ZION  WHITE PAPER

Mission and Message

Boaz Michael (Founder and leader of FFOZ)

First Fruits of Zion is a messianic Jewish ministry composed of Jewish and Gentile believers working together for the mission of “Proclaiming the Torah and its way of life, fully centered on Messiah, to today’s People of God.

We are dedicated to educating followers of Yeshua—both Jewish and Gentile—

All of our teachers and staff, Jewish and Gentile alike, endeavor to live according to the counsel of God’s laws. Whether it be a simple, biblical approach, a rigorous traditional orthodox Jewish practice, or anything in between, all of us are committed to upholding the Messiah and to growing in obedience to the commandments of God in our personal lives, our homes, and communities. (Read that as, they’ll try to imitate all branches of Judaism as to better build Jewish disciples (converts).

“Fully Centered on Messiah” We encourage a Torah way of life as part of the path of discipleship to Yeshua. The gospels teach that “every [disciple] when he is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Every Jew they convert will become a conduit to convert other Jews.)

However, one must be wary of making the Torah into a new legalism whereby people might assume that they need to keep the commandments in order to merit salvation. We are adamant in our position that salvation is by grace through faith: ( They may imitate Jews but have no intention of believing the way we do. They will only find salvation in Jesus. Oddly enough, some Torah Observant Christians have actually found beauty of the Jewish faith, left Christianity and converted to Judaism. These are not to be confused with the growing number of evangelical Christians that convert to Judaism only to open up messianic “Jewish” congregations in Israel and the Diaspora.)

At First Fruits of Zion, we are passion­ate about teaching Torah to all of God’s people, making “disciples of all nations”8—to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile.9  ( Almost every evangelic and messianic “Jewish” site that I have researched says, “To the Jew first.” Doesn’t that make you feel loved?)

At First Fruits of Zion, we have been “Proclaiming the Torah and its way of life, fully centered on Messiah, to today’s People of God” for nearly twenty years. Not only are we concerned with teaching Torah today, but we are also eager to see the Torah taught to tomorrow’s people of God. We are concerned for the long-term sustain­ability of the messianic Jewish movement as a whole. (FFOZ is like the slow-moving snail. It knows where it wants to go, is pretty sure it will get there but it doesn’t mind that it will take a very long time. FFOZ is in it for the long haul. So long as there are Jews that have not accepted Jesus, they will keep on going!) )

I hope this has helped you to better understand the FFOZ and all the messianic “Jewish” and Torah observant Christian groups that follow their teachings. If you have any questions or  comments I would love to hear them.