Doctor Who and the Messianic Jew Scammers

I am a Whovian, a big time fan of Doctor Who. For those of you that have never heard of the television series; Doctor Who is a science fiction show from England that can be seen on BBC America and some Public stations. He is a Time Lord that with companions, travels in the TARDIS, (a  blue phone box that is bigger on the inside)  and saves our and alien worlds. He does not die, but every few years, regenerates with a new face and body.

This past Sunday morning BBC America began a new show entitled, Breakfast With The Doctor, highlighting when Tom Baker played the Doctor.  This episode sent the Doctor back in time to stop the development of the Daleks, metal killing machines encasing human minds that have had all emotions removed. Their mission, to make everyone the same as them or exterminate them.

In the end, the Doctor is only partially successful, merely delaying their progress. As he and his companions head back to the TARDIS, his companions lament that the Daleks will still be in their future. The Doctor makes a very insightful observation that a lot of good has come from the destruction wrought by the Daleks. In fear of them, worlds have united and people have become stronger in their desire to maintain their way of life.

That started me thinking about how Jews have stayed strong and maintained their identity for over five thousand years. We have always had an enemy either trying to convert us or kill us, sometimes both. Presently, we have many enemies; just look at all of the problems in the Middle East. Arab leaders still want to push us into the sea. In Israel, Jews of all levels of observance are united in defending their homeland but there is another enemy, one that is slowly and insidiously wrapping its tentacles around not just Israel but anywhere in the world where Jews live. That enemy is the Evangelical Ministries that promote and support messianic “Judaism” and other groups with the same purpose. What is that purpose? To destroy Judaism through the lie that you can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish.

Evangelical Christian ministries are like the Daleks . Single-minded in: their pursuit of destroying all faiths that would dare to be different from theirs, their desire to convert as many Jews as possible before, what they believe to be, the second coming, and in their use of any means possible, including mimicry of Judaism , lies and deceit, to achieve their goals.

I suppose we are lucky. In the past, Christians tortured and killed those who refused to convert; from the Saxons, to the Crusades, to the Holocaust. The Nazis were not the only ones to run extermination camps. In Croatia for example, extermination camps were run by Catholic Ustasha There were even concentration camps exclusively for children! The most notorious camp they ran was Jasenovac, headed by a Franciscan Friar. To learn more about this you can look at this site:

Evangelical Christians do not kill us, they merely love us to the death of our faith. Why do they set up these so called synagogues where Christians, who go to church on Sunday, dress up like Jews on Saturday. They wear our talessim and tsit-tsis, they have Torahs, though usually not a kosher Jewish Torah. Their prayers, both in Hebrew and English sound familiar to any Jew that has gone to Hebrew school but they are inundated with the worship of Yehosuah (Jesus).

I assume that unlike the Daleks, evangelical Christians have souls, emotions and the ability to tell right from wrong. Here then is the problem. From its inception, Christianity has believed that it has the right to force others to convert to their beliefs. It is their mantra, their mission. The arrogance of such a belief is beyond my ken. As a Jew, I have always been taught to respect all religions but stay faithful to my own. I have learned that we do not seek converts but rather discourage them. However, if a person truly wishes to convert, we teach them and once they have converted it is as if they have been Jewish all their lives.

Christianity is an enigma to me. I can not understand the mindset of a person or group that believes it is their right to change who I am, what I am. It is as if, like the Daleks, they have one mission in life, to make everyone the same as them or as we have seen in the not so distant past; exterminate them.

Will they destroy the Jewish people through conversion? I hope that my fellow Jews, especially those in Israel, will wake up and see just how far the evangelicals have advanced and unite against them. These phony “Jewish”  groups cannot exist once the harsh light of truth shines down on them. Read my other posts, learn about the different organizations and how they operate. Understand that it is our turning a blind eye to them that allows them to grow and flourish.

Can we compete against the billions of dollars being spent to convert us? Can we save Israel from becoming a Christian nation? Sure we can! We just have to know our enemy to defeat it. I am a Whovian. How can I not believe that some day, the Daleks will be defeated.