Jew Scammers Rallying For Israel

First, if you are a not a follower of my blog, Jew Scammers is what I call any and all Christians that use the paraphernalia of the Jewish religion. They do this to influence Jews into believing that you can take Yeshua (Jesus) as your savior and still be a practicing Jew.

A few weeks ago, when the crisis between Israel and the terrorists in Gaza turned Israel into a punching bag for the media and of course anti-semites; my city held a rally for Israel. There are between 12,000 and 15,000 Jews here. It is hard to get an accurate count as so many of them have no affiliation with any synagogue or Jewish organization. The rally drew several hundred people and had several speakers. Two of those speakers were totally inappropriate. One, a conservative Rabbi, started out with prayers for Israel and then turned it into a pity party for the so called Palestinians (a group of thugs that adopted the temporary name given to the region by the occupying British) whom he called innocent. I think he forgot that they enthusiastically voted in Hamas and did nothing to stop the bombs being kept in their homes, schools and hospitals. These, “innocents” are also the ones that cheered and danced with joy in the streets when the Twin Towers collapsed and the Pentagon was attacked, killing thousands of Americans.

The other inappropriate speaker was a minister who, in a crowd of hundreds of Jews, kept invoking Jesus to help Israel. I think he forgot that we consider Jesus along with many others at that time, to be false messiahs. With all that, ” …in the name of our savior Jesus” going on, I don’t remember what he said about Israel. While I was wondering why he was behaving this way when I knew, having heard him speak in a Jewish setting before that it was not his style, I noticed him playing to one area in particular. I followed his gaze to a group holding a banner showing the name of their Jew Scammer congregation and saying that they supported Israel.

What a dilemma! I wasn’t worried about the Jews at the rally being vulnerable because every one of them was a strong believer in their faith or they wouldn’t have been there. Their banner even identified their congregation as messianic. The question in my mind was, did they belong there? Yes we want Christians (what they are) to support Israel. No, we do not want Christians supporting Israel in order to find more ways to convert Jews.

If I had my way, every Jew at that rally would have actively turned their back on these people to let them know they were recognized as an enemy of the Jews. But this is America and we do have freedom of speech and expression of faith even if it is a phony faith. With this in mind, I decided not to encounter this group of Jew Scammers and accept that in their hearts they wanted the world to know that Israelis, not so called Palestinians were the victims. There, at that rally, we did have something in common.