The Power of emails

This morning my husband asked me to check out the veracity of an email he had received. It was about anti-semitism in France and was very familiar to me. Not only had I received it from two sources since the horrendous murders of innocent Jews in France, but I remember receiving it several years ago.

After some easy “googling”, I discovered that this email contained some partial truths. It was being sent around again due to the murders in France, ostensibly to bring more outrage and more feelings of animosity towards the Muslim fanatics. Hey, I’m no lover of killers of Jews or any other form of genocide but let’s stick to the truth. With that in mind I forwarded a link to those whose email addresses were on the email my husband received. To my surprise, I found three people who I definitely knew were messianic “Jews”.  One of them was, Sam Nadler, leader of, Hope of Israel, a pretend Jewish congregation not far from my home.

What a dilemma! Should I erase their names from my email? After all, my name was as familiar to them as theirs was to me! Did I want to have any contact with them that would seem to be socially accepting them as Jews? (I have stated before that a person who is born Jewish but now practices the tenets of Christianity, even if it is covered with Jewish paraphanalia, is a Christian.The door is always open for their return.) This email was obviously intended for members of the Jewish community as I knew several of the people to whom it was sent. So what should I do?

I decided to include their names. After all, they needed to know that the information they received was partially incorrect. Had people who were born Christian been on the list I would have included their names without hesitation. Being who am, I needed to do something to show these messianics that I was aware of their inclusion so I added a link to this website. If they are reading this now, I hope they will continue on and read my other posts.

It should be remembered that the reason the email my husband, I and countless others received was sent, was a reaction to the senseless violence perpetuated by hate and intolerance. Although most of my efforts these days go towards educating Jews about the growing danger of evangelical Christian supported messianic “Jewish” groups, there are other battles out there as well. Emails are a powerful force and I have seen them used in both positive and negative ways to influence people. One email sent to one person’s group of friends can reach thousands, if not millions of people in a matter of days. I have often wondered if I should write a sensationalized email about the battle evangelical Christians are waging against Jews. I could make it sound so frightening that it would surely be forwarded over and over. Why don’t I? My goal is not to scare people into hating another religion. It is to educate Jews to the methods used by these groups and prevent them from being lured by the cult-like methods they use. Hatred is never a good thing. Learning the truth always is.

May we all live to see a day when war and violence has come to an end and Christian evangelicals cease their campaign to convert Jews through the lie and deceit of messianic “Judaism.”